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Kazunari Mizuki - application by Nitus-sama
Kazunari Mizuki - application
Here's my application for :iconbasuke-no-sekai: QwQ


Name: Kazunari Mizuki

Kanji: 高尾 瑞妃

Nicknames:</b> Kazu-chan, Mizu-chan, Kazunari-cchi

Nationality: Japanese

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Height: Rokuro-Kaida - 165 cm
            Rakuzan - 168 cm

Weight: 53 kg

Birthday: July 19th

Horoscope: Cancer

Blood type: A

Dominant hand: Left

School: Middle school - Rokuro-Kaida
            High school (present) - Rakuzan

Club: Girl's basketball club
            Position: Point Guard

Family: Mother, Father, Brother (Kazunari Takao)

Best subject: Biology

Strength: Passing

Weakness: Defense, easily loses concentration

Hobby: Guitar

Favorite food: Spicy food

Favorite drink: Mineral water

Dislikes: The flavored soft drinks, lazy people

Voice actor: Amamiya Sora


Mizuki has medium, black hair. Her eyes are 
a silvery blue in color. Generally, she wears the Rakuzan's uniform, and during training a blue T-shirt, which has the sign of the school. In game, she wears the number nine.

Friendly, ambitious, fair, enthusiastic, energetic, polite, realistic, caring, responsible, perfectionist, nature fool, patient, open, shaky, stubborn, pushy, clumsy, high temper, glutton, impressionable.

Coming soon...

Blue Thunder, Flipper Eyes

        Physical Ability: 7/10
        Technique: 9/10
        Stamina: 6/10
        Mental Strength: 7/10
        Special Ability: 8/10


Kazunari Takao

Mizu-chan / Takao
Status: Siblings

As time goes by, the less she shows off her feelings towards him, but Mizuki really likes her brother. They may attend different schools, their relationship is strong, they talking daily and hang out.

Midorima Shintaro

Mizuki / Shintaro
Status: Good friends

He was Mizuki's first coach and
stucktogether throughout a long time. Exactly three months. During that time, they were quite close to each other, their relationship is characterized by sincerity. They keep in touch on a daily basis, the perfectionism is the link between them.

Kiyoshi Miyaji

Mizuki / Bakayoshi
Status: Friends / Enemies

At first, Miyaji didn't have any interest in Mizuki, and she neither had, but after seeing her getting so well with Midorima and Takao, he started to talking to her. Or yelling more likely, saying that she bothers the training. But Kiyoshi and Mizuki respect each other, playing one-on-one recently.

Akashi Seijuurou

Mizuki / Akashi
Status: Complicated

At first, Akashi didn't have any interest in Mizuki, she was overanxious and clumsy. He allowed her to play with the beginner team and keeps his eyes on her. She had talent and motivation, that's why he changed his mind. She always loses against him in one-on-one, but likes it a lot. It's funny, that meanwhile she never won, Akashi never lost.

Mibuchi Reo

Mizu-chan / Reo
Status: Best friends

Reo was her second coach. He is like a big brother for Mizuki.

Hayama Kotaro

Mizu-chan / Kotaro
Status: Friends / One-sided attraction

Kotaro was her third coach. He really cares about her and
admiring her persistence. Mizuki doesn't realize, that Kotaro looks at her like a women, less like a sister. They are very close to each other.

Nebuya Eikichi

Mizuki / Eiki
Status: Friends

Eikichi was her fourth coach.
He taught her a lot about defense. They are like brother and sister to each other.


"We're not going to win, beacuse I'm with them. We're going to win, because they're with me."
"I need you, Akashi. You're the only one, who can teach me! Dont give up on me!"
"There is someone else inside him. Tell me more about him, Reo."
"In the past, I was nobody. Trust me, you don't want to know that Kazunari Mizuki."
"I'm not their ace. Just a normal player with big dreams."

 She get really embarrassed, when somebody takes a photo of her.
She was depressed as a child and nobody knows about it except Takao, who tried to help her.
The thing she’s not good at is being quite.
She was 6 years old, when she getting started playing guitar.
She started playing basketball when she saw Takao playing first.
Her type of boy is someone who's talented and polite.
She tried to learn how to do Ankle Break, but never used against Akashi. She's afraid of him a little bit.
She always bows before Akashi as an expression of respect.
She is really dump in love and doesn't realize when someone try to flirt with her.

Application (c) :iconsilvertyalexx:
Art (c) :iconnitus-sama:


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